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By remembering you are in an ocean of life enery, your life energy level will automatically increase. ~ Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

The vital force that empowers our existence is known as “prana”. The etymological source of the word, prana, has roots in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Though the word is Sanskrit in origin, the concept of prana features in various cultures of the globe.





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11 Pranic Energy Centres

Chakra colours

Crown Chakra

Placement: Crown of the head.

Oils: Frankincense, Spikenard, Lavender.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Brain & the Pineal Gland.

Forhead Chakra

Placement: Center of the forehead.

Oils: Holy Basil, Neroli.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Nervous System & the Pineal Gland.

Ajna Chakra

Placement: Between the eyebrows.

Oils: Holy Basil, Neroli.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Pituitary Gland, the Endocrine System & the other Major Energy Centers.

Throat Chakra

Placement: Center of the throat.

Oils: Peppermint, Tea Tree, Star Anise.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Throat, Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Gland, Lymphatic System.

-To a certain degree it influences the Sex Energy Center.

Heart Chakra

Placement: Front heart - Centre of chest, Back heart - Back of heart.

Oils: Rose, Lavender, Ylang Ylang Jasmine, Neroli.


-The Front Heart Energy Center Regulates & Revitalizes the Physical Heart & the Thymus Gland.

-The Back Heart Energy Center Regulates & Revitalizes the Physical Heart, the Thymus Gland, & the Lungs.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Placement: Front - The hollow area between the ribs. Back - is located at the back of the front solar plexus.

Oils: Rose, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang.


- Regulates & Revitalizes the Liver, Pancreas, Stomach, Diaphragm &
to a large extent, the Large & Small Intestines.

- Regulates & Revitalizes the Digestive, Assimilative & Eliminative

Spleen Chakra

Placement: Center of the bottom rib on your left.

Oils: Star Anise.


-Regulates the Spleen, & draws in Energy from the surroundings, Digests & then Distributes it to all the different Energy Centers.

Navel Chakra

Placement: On the navel or belly button.

Oils: Myrrh.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Small & Large Intestines.

-The Navel Energy Center of a woman also affects the process of giving birth. By doing thorough Cleansing of the Navel & then Projecting Energy to that area during labor, a Client may be assisted in accelerating the delivery process.

Meng Mein Chakra

Placement: Back of the navel or belly button.

Oils: Peppermint.


-Regulates and Revitalizes the Kidneys & Adrenal Glands. Regulates the Blood Pressure.

-The Meng Mein Energy Center, together with the Sex Energy Center and Regulates the Urinary System.

Sex Chakra

Placement: Pubic area.

Oils: Jasmine.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Energy of the sex organs & the urinary bladder.

-30% of the Energy of the Sex & Basic Energy Center goes to the legs.

Basic Chakra

Placement: Base of the spine or coccyx area.

Oils: Holy Basil, Prosperity, Myrrh.


-Regulates & Revitalizes the Skeletal & Muscular System.

-Regulates the Production of Blood in the body.

-Regulates the Adrenal Glands.

Paul wood ~ founder and healer

Pranic Energy Elements

Pranic Healing has been described as a simple and yet very powerful technology. There are 3 main sources that prana can be harnessed from:

The Earth, The Air, The Sun

The Energy that is freely given by

The Sun

The Air

The Earth

all elements combine to create

Organic Essential Oils

That bring you closer to nature and the flow of the universe

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Use these oils to assist in grounding and balancing.


- Ancient records show that Myrrh was deemed so valuable that at times it was valued at its weight in gold. Myrrh essential oil is used for centuries for its internal and external health benefits. Myrrh has been used throughout history as a perfume, incense, and health aid. Myrrh has powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat. It is also soothing to the skin, promoting a smooth, youthful complexion and promotes emotional wellbeing when used aromatically.

Myrrh is a powerful tool for purification, cleansing, and protection, you can use myrrh to cleanse and clear the energy of a space or for protection against psychic attacks. Myrrh carries blue, green, and violet energy – a powerful energy combination!


*Star Anise is a little known unsung hero.*

- This powerhouse is a highly important medicine in traditional chinese medicare and indian ayurveda. And now it is presenting itself as a highly important addition to the modern person.  

Star Anise carries brilliant electric violet, violet, and gold energy in a very particular way to make it an incredible oil for detoxing that which is difficult to eliminate. Diffusing this oil cleans the room quickly of modern toxins and stale energy.


- Tea tree is used to treat a wide range of skin infections, dandruff, body odor, acne, head lice to name a few. It can also be used to clean and disinfect your home.

Tea tree oil carries violet and green energy. It is a powerful ENERGETIC cleansing agent. It helps to purify unwanted negative energies from a home, business, and people.

Myrrh: Soles of the feet and base of the spine

Star Anise: Smell often, roof of the mouth

Teatree: Solar Plexus, heart

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