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We select a handful of unique organic essential oils from around the world and energetically enhance them using Pranic Energy Healing.

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why are our oils so different?  they are blessed with Pranic Energy Healing

highest quality organics  we test the energy of every oil

Sunshine Coast, Australia

We are blessed to be situated in one of the most incredible parts of the world, drawing on the healing energies of our environment to enhance our lives and the lives of the people who are connected to our vision.

Oil process & usage tips

Organic Spikenard Oil

Spikenard, over time, has been regarded as one of the most precious oils. It’s been used as a perfume, as medicine and in religious ceremonies across the world. In the bible, it’s referenced when Mary washed Jesus’ feet with it before the Last Supper. Spikenard is used to uplift mood and promote relaxation. Spikenard promotes clean, healthy skin. It is commonly used in perfumes and massage oils.

How to use oils for healing

It is essential to us that you are prepared with the best information to assist you with the use of oils for personal healing and space clearing. Stay connected as we will be adding short videos of our top tips

How to

- Make cleansing oil spray

- Where to apply oils to the body

- How to use oils for emotional assistance

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We offer online courses in understanding and applying essential oils in your every day life and in the process of healing

We also have a large meditation community with online and in person planetary meditation for peace sessions available

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